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SOC support for CISCO CX client in Saudi Arabia

When a large enterprise Cisco CX end customer needed a new SOC Managed Service Support function delivered by a partner, they turned to Penta Consulting Saudi Arabia. Recognizing Penta’s track record of expertise in delivering complex IT services and solutions, Cisco CX accepted Penta’s proposal for the service.

Penta Consulting’s SOC Managed Service Support needed to meet rigorous standards and provide 24 / 7 support for the customer. Penta’s team faced the challenge of upholding Penta’s high standards of excellence while staying current with industry best practices.

Penta Consulting’s team of experts provided on-going training and development to their staff to ensure they remained at the forefront of technological industry trends. Starting in July 2023, Penta’s SOC support team worked tirelessly to deliver exceptional service to their customer.

Delivering to meet and surpass clients expectations.
Commitment to staff development ensuring exceptional service and high standards
SOC Managed Service support for CISCO CX client in Saudi Arabia
Penta Consulting’s dedication to excellence and staff development will continue to set new industry standards
Programme delivery
Training satisfaction
Professionalism, technical expertise, and agile approach delivered exceptional service
Close collaboration allowed Penta Consulting to meet all customer requirements
Provided 24/7 support
Service was delivered on-time and within budget
Cemented Penta Consulting’s reputation as a trusted partner in delivering complex IT services and solutions.
Countries served
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CISCO Partner Enablement Lead

The overall experience with Penta Consulting was outstanding. From day 1, Penta provided all the necessary guidance and support for a smooth transition to my new role but continued this top-notch  engagement throughout my tenure, always responding on time and their input delivered with the highest professionalism.

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CISCO Technical Support Manager

Penta is the best Partner representative, which I have worked with up to now.

The amount of proactive initiatives as well as advice brings this partnership to a new level. I’m sure that partnering with her we can ensure team will get more stable and she will ensure that there is constant connection between what we do strategically and how our people are aligned. Please pass my feedback to this partnership, since I really value it!

Calin Ban
Calin ban
Senior Python Developer

If you’re looking to work with someone who can help you reach your full potential, Maksym is that person. I’ve worked with Maksym for the last couple of months, and he played an integral role in my journey at Cisco. He positively influenced my career trajectory, supported me every step of the way and never hesitated to lend a helping hand. A sense of compassion and understanding perfectly complements his business acumen.
I’m really glad I had the opportunity to work with Maksym and anyone would be lucky to work with him.