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Rapid Resource Mobilisation for Ericsson in Africa


Ericsson, a global leader in telecommunications, faced a challenge when awarded a rollout project in Africa. The
project required a skilled workforce, including site supervisors and various other telecom resources, to be present
in the country within tight timelines. Ensuring the timely and efficient deployment of resources to fulfil this
demanding project was paramount.


To address Ericsson’s resource mobilisation challenge, Penta Consulting devised a swift and comprehensive

Local Office Setup: In a remarkably short timeframe, Penta established a fully staffed local office in Africa. This local presence was essential for streamlining resourcing efforts, facilitating immigration and compliance processes, and ensuring seamless coordination on the ground.

Resource Mobilisation: Leveraging our extensive network and expertise in the telecom industry, we rapidly
sourced and recruited over 130 resources, including site supervisors and various other telecom professionals.
These professionals were selected based on their qualifications and experience to meet Ericsson’s specific project

Local Skilled Engineers: Recognizing the importance of having a workforce that could relate to the local context,
we made significant efforts to source a substantial number of resources from locally skilled engineers. This not
only helped in fulfilling Ericsson’s commitments to the African country’s government but also ensured a strong local
presence for the project.

Immigration and Compliance Support: We provided comprehensive support related to immigration and
compliance, ensuring that all necessary permits and documentation were in order for the expatriate resources
deployed to Africa.








Resource Mobilisation


Results & Conclusion

Our partnership with Ericsson yielded remarkable outcomes:

Resource Delivery: Penta successfully delivered over 130 skilled resources to support Ericsson’s rollout project in
Africa. This ensured that the project had the workforce it needed to progress efficiently.
Local Workforce Contribution: By sourcing a significant portion of the resources locally, we helped Ericsson
establish a strong workforce presence in Africa, aligning with their commitment to involving local professionals.
On-Time Mobilization: Our quick response and local office setup enabled the on-time mobilization of resources,
contributing to the project’s success
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CISCO Partner Enablement Lead

The overall experience with Penta Consulting was outstanding. From day 1, Penta provided all the necessary guidance and support for a smooth transition to my new role but continued this top-notch  engagement throughout my tenure, always responding on time and their input delivered with the highest professionalism.