If your situation is anything like the hundreds of prospects and customers that we speak to you will almost certainly be at one of the following three stages with DevOps:

1/ You have gone and cracked it – well done!

In business terms this means you have massively reduced your infrastructure costs AND you can deliver high-quality, scalable, digital product and internal systems faster than any of your competitors.

In technical terms it means you wouldn’t consider building software unless it was test-driven and within a continuous delivery framework – all well and good but many are at this stage. However, you also have high quality infrastructure as code (IaC) meaning you can spin up and tear down data centre scale environments in minutes. Security is baked in from day one and failover, auto-scaling, auto-healing is not a problem and Chaos Monkey is your friend. System response is lightning fast due to content delivery networks and in some cases serverless cloud solutions. Naturally you are also making full use of what the cloud was designed for so nothing is ever up and running when not in use and things like clustering for your latest big data project is a breeze.