Penta Consulting Managed Services has a proven track record in delivery of innovative Multi-Vendor business and support services to meet the needs of global clients.
Our Managed Services team provides experienced coordination of your projects from start to finish using ITIL standard project management methodologies, whilst our industry certified project managers balance time, cost and quality to deliver unparalleled results, even in the face of the unexpected.

Infrastructure Consulting

The ever-changing landscape of Technology — new product announcements, an embrace of cloud architectures, security and mobility — and it becomes clear why leading organisations look beyond their internal IT resources for direction with these major decisions.

Legacy Support

We offer an alternative support solution to equipment within our customers’ networks with a focus on equipment that is towards the end of its product life cycle and will no longer be supported by updates or upgrades from the OEM, or is classified under “life extender” from the OEM.

Proactive Monitoring

Program Management

Partner of choice by supporting its customers’ business objectives and consistently delivering projects with outstanding performance that meet cost, schedule and quality targets.