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Care Programme

Care Programme.
Accelerating a smooth transition

Penta’s aCare programme is designed to speed up the onboarding process and get contractors up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible. Discover how Penta’s aCare programme can enhance the experience of contractors who are just onboarded and need additional support and guidance.
Care Programme at Penta Consulting
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Contractors Care Program: Supporting Our Workers’ Well-being
A program dedicated to ensuring the safety, health, and happiness of our valued workers.

A dedicated initiative designed to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of our valued contractors. At the core of this program lies our commitment to fostering strong relationships, providing support, and recognizing the essential contributions made by our contractors. Through proactive engagement, personalized assistance, and a focus on mutual success, the Contractor Care Programme aims to create a positive and rewarding experience for all contractors partnering with us. Join us in redefining care and collaboration in the contractor-client relationship through this innovative and people-centric initiative.
  1. A helping hand to settle in smoothly

Our Care Programme is designed to make your onboarding experience as stress-free as possible. From arranging your visa to providing a welcome pack and meet & greet at the airport, we’re here to ensure you settle into your new role and location with minimal fuss.

  1. Compliance made simple

We handle all the paperwork and compliance requirements for you, so you can focus on your new role. You won’t need to worry about visas, work permits or documentation – we take care of everything so you can hit the ground running.

  1. A familiar face in a new place

Moving to a new country can be daunting. Our Care Team is on hand to provide a friendly face and a helping hand. From meet & greet at the airport to regular check-in calls, we’re here to ensure you feel welcome, comfortable and supported from day one.

  1. A personal touch in a big company

As part of the Penta family, you become more than just an employee – you’re one of our valued consultants. Our Care Programme provides a human, personal touch to ensure you have everything you need to thrive and enjoy your time with us.

  1. Settling in made easy

Moving to a new job in a new place can be tough. Our Care Programme aims to make that transition as smooth as possible. From arranging your paperwork and welcoming you at the airport, to regular check-ins and a welcome pack full of useful info – we’ve got your settling in needs covered!

We understand moving to a new job and new environment can be overwhelming, so we’re here to make it as seamless and smooth as possible. Our team is on hand to answer any questions you have, whether it’s about your new role, getting settled in your new home, or just needing someone friendly to talk to. We want your experience with us to be positive and productive from day one. Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s any way we can make your onboarding better. You’re a valuable part of the Penta family now and we want to invest in making you feel happy and supported as you find your footing.

Onboarding Process

Our onboarding team will guide you through the onboarding process prior to commencing your assignment. With years of experience, we understand that every individual has unique requirements.


Your operations care lead will be on hand to assist with settling in, arranging payments and addressing any other needs as you begin your work.


Our international support staff are available throughout each stage of your journey with us. We are committed to continuously improving how we can best support you, therefore please do not hesitate to share your feedback.


Career Development

We place the highest priority on nurturing talent development and providing opportunities for professional growth. It is our goal to offer a long-term and rewarding career path by making numerous job opportunities available through which your skills and ambitions can flourish.