Technology Services

Penta Technology is the research & development division of Penta Consulting.

Our Innovation Lab, designs and develops accelerator products to help our customers’ with complicated Data, DevOps and Digital projects. In parallel, Penta Technology also offers a wide range of consulting services for business that want to modernise their infrastructure and business processes.

Technology Solutions

Accelerator Tools

Our Accelerator Tools are designed to make digital and IT teams much more productive from day one. Our accelerators include help accessing legacy data and automating highly-secure, test, development and production environments.

Managed Services

Digital Enablement

We help organisations today adopt a DevOps culture and transition to modern infrastructure and business processes. Customers who make this journey successfully have the full use and benefit of new technology such as big data, AI and IoT. We call this Digital Enablement.

Specialist Sourcing

Legacy Migration

Many clients are hampered by legacy systems. We offer accelerator tools, design patterns and expert consultants to encapsulate or decommission legacy enabling customers to realise the benefit and cost savings of a modern infrastructure.

Technology Solutions

Software Engineering

Our engineering service is designed to help regardless of your software development capability. Our service includes both staff augmentation and outcome based full product delivery