Software Engineering

Digital services are revolutionising how humans, companies and government interact. An organisation that hasn’t got a digital strategy is unlikely to be in business for very much longer.  Of course, some organisations are better at building products than others. In fact, many do not have any internal software development capabilities at all.

Our engineering service is designed to help regardless of your software development capability. Our service includes both staff augmentation and outcome based full product delivery, with a variety of charging models that best suit our customer.

In an ever-evolving open source world, we’ve strategically chosen to remain technology agnostic. As a result, the tools and frameworks we use are too numerous to mention however the core programming languages we use are C#, JavaScript, Go, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and Swift. As well, of course, as various modern front-end development tools, languages and frameworks.

Our Tech Stack includes:

Whether you need an e-commerce site, a mobile app, or a big data, machine-learning thingy-ma-jig product, we’re here to help you. Every customer is different, and if you do find that you need a high quality, personalised solution delivered quickly, please do contact us.