Legacy Support

In today’s challenging business environment, managing operations and services has become more complicated due to the increase in size of network operations and the growing pressure to keep updated with the latest technology and systems.

Maintaining the wider strategy to improve business processes to constantly maintain competitiveness and differentiation in the market often means balancing innovation with cost reduction. Delivering and maintaining effective solutions requires specialist skills and resources that are often difficult to provide in-house, especially when organisations lose experienced support staff as new technologies are constantly being adopted.

We offer an alternative support solution to equipment within our customers’ networks with a focus on equipment that is towards the end of its product life-cycle and will no longer be supported by updates or upgrades from the OEM, or is classified under “life extender” from the OEM.

Penta Consulting’s Managed Solution Division provide a full 24/7 365 state of the art support model, including a technical support facility to handle all technical requests raised by our global customers. Our multilingual support team are located in over 100 countries, enabling us to provide a truly global support solution.  

Manged Solutions Company Portfolio

  • Full Turnkey Services
    • Build, Operate, Maintain and Transfer
  • Network Management/Maintenance
  • Network Upgrades/Swap/Expansion projects
  • Remote Technical Support Services – Multi vendor
  • Onsite Support services – Multi vendor
  • Professional Services
  • Service Management
  • Network Deployment
  • Integration Services
  • Preventive System Maintenance Services

Managed solutions Key Verticals

  • Multi-Vendor Remote Technical Support Services – 24/7
  • Multi-Vendor On-Site Technical Support Services – 24/7
  • Training and Knowledge Competence Transfer
  • Network Operations Management / Maintenance / Surveillance
  • PMO Office / Technical & Management Consultancy