Digital Enablement

We now live in an age where a single engineer will regularly out-perform a traditional IT team in output, quality and value.  

By thinking differently and using modern processes, automation and the storage and processing power of the cloud we help organisations gain this extra performance.

Here at Penta Technology we call this new way of working Digital Enablement.  We believe it to be a cultural shift to an organisation and making that change is sometimes hard to do. Fortunately we can help you.

Our service components include the following:

Consultancy Services – We provide a broad range of experts to ensure your digital enablement programmes and projects are successful, by using DevOps, Agile and Continuous Delivery. We are able to help organisations instigate and manage the cultural changes necessary to compete successfully in today’s fast changing marketplace. We provide customisation and support services for our eDaaS and ePaaS toolsets. In addition, we are able to provide experts in defining and delivering your next generation digital platforms and applications by using architectural and design approaches that reduce the risk of building a new generation of legacy.

eDaaS (enhanced Data as a Service) is a software based accelerator toolkit, designed to manage access to customers internal or external legacy systems. It manages the underlying complexity of integration and data records management to provide a single, standards based point of connection for digital applications, even during the migration process. This significantly increases productivity for digital projects by eliminating the legacy integration headache. eDaaS works with tradition structured data (relational) and unstructured data sets of virtually any size for both Operational Data Stores and DataMarts.

ePaaS – (enhanced Platform as a Service) is a pre-configured, highly secure, cloud platform designed to eliminate the environment buildout activities that often slow down digital product delivery. The platform comes complete with security and operational capabilities that comply with Financial Conduct Authority regulation and the ‘official’ and ‘official sensitive’ data requirements of UK Government.