Imagine your own digital personality engaging, automating, and analysing your ultimate customer experience vision. The Penta PRSONAS Virtual Assistant will safely engage using natural conversation, emotion, and empathy as your very own brand ambassador! Together, we can reimagine how you attract, support, and maintain your customers.

As part of our award-winning Managed Services, we build and deliver a complete solution to ensure you better serve your customers with technologies that enhance experiences and service solutions that remove the challenges on your internal team.

PRSONAS creates an automated visitor management solution that allows organisations to engage with their visitors by screening, directing, informing, and announcing them without losing the human touch. The digital assistant is great for visitor management and wayfinding services.

The virtual assistant will provide your guests with an enhanced experience level as well as offer a complete concierge-style service to deliver real user value. The assistants are easy to customise to different use cases and can be fully branded to welcome your customers with concise and clear communication in almost any language.

Penta can deliver the PRSONAS Virtual Assistant as a fully maintained solution.

Attract. Automate. Analyse.

  • PRSONAS Visitor Management System
  • PRSONAS Wayfinding
  • PRSONAS Greeter
  • Digital Personalities. Anytime. Anywhere.