Our Legacy Migration services help our clients maximise the value of one of their greatest assets: their own data. Many organisations are hampered by legacy systems, making the unlocking of this value difficult and costly. Legacy applications are often not ‘cloud ready’ meaning that the enormous benefits, storage and processing power of the cloud is out of reach for many.

Penta’s Legacy Migration service comprises a set of accelerator tools, design patterns, expert consultants and software that helps solve this problem, whilst saving our clients considerable money when implementing new cloud, digital or big data strategies.

Consultancy Services

Migration Analysis: Our analysis service deep-dives into a representative selection of systems. By identifying areas of complexity early in the lifecycle we can de-risk, estimate and plan legacy migration much more accurately. The output from this analysis phase establishes a set of patterns to determine the migration approach and conformance to your Target Architecture.

Target Architecture: To deliver an appropriate modern platform, the overall target architecture and operating model needs to be defined.  We are able to provide experts in defining and delivering your next generation digital platforms and applications by using architectural and design approaches that reduce the risk of building a new generation of systems.

Platform Build: We are experts in designing and building modern infrastructures that ready our customers for the new world of digitization and server-less computing. We can help you build something from scratch, or QA the designs of others. Alternatively, Penta has an existing AWS-based Cloud platform called ePaaS, that represents over 2 years’ worth of development effort. ePaaS can be implemented exceptionally quickly and is configurable to meet any new customers’ needs.

Our migration service can include the following accelerator tools to aid and speed up project delivery:

(enhanced Data aa Service) is a software based accelerator toolkit, designed to manage access to customers internal or external legacy systems. It manages the underlying complexity of integration and data records management to provide a single, standards based point of connection for digital applications, even during the migration process. This significantly increases productivity for digital projects by eliminating the legacy integration headache. eDaaS works with traditional structured data (relational) and unstructured data sets of virtually any size for both Operational Data Stores and DataMarts.

(enhanced Platform aa Service) is a pre-configured and highly secure cloud platform designed to eliminate the environment buildout activities that often slow down digital product delivery. The platform comes complete with security and operational capabilities that comply with Financial Conduct Authority regulation and the ‘official’ and ‘official sensitive’ data requirements of UK Government.