Our values of people, expertise, nurture, team and aspiration are important to us

We are honest and straightforward in all our dealings with clients, candidates, contractors and our employees.

Managing Diversity

We actively promote diversity at work in order to help to counteract prejudice against a wide range of personal differences, for example; gender, ethnic origin, age, religion, accent, sexual orientation, marital status, academic/vocational qualifications, caring responsibilities, learning difficulties, physical & mental abilities, previous mental illness, spent or irrelevant convictions, and trade union or non-trade union membership.

Corporate Overview

Managing Discrimination

Penta works hard to ensure that its candidates and contractors are not discriminated against in any way. We work with our clients to ensure that all decisions about the recruitment and selection of candidates and contractors are objective and based on merit.

Penta is committed to treating all applicants and employees in the same way regardless of age, race or colour, nationality or national or ethnic origin, religion or religious belief, sex or marital status, sexual orientation or disability. We are keen to promote an environment which supports the widest range of knowledge, skills and experience, as well as ensuring compliance with the relevant legislation and codes of practice

Environmental responsibility

Penta recognises the need to minimise the adverse impact they have on the environment as much as possible and we have implemented various initiatives to achieve this aim. All Penta offices have recycle bins for waste paper and toner and printer cartridges are recycled with the proceeds being donated to charity.

Most of our office space is open plan which reduces the square footage of offices and reduces energy needs. Our layouts are designed to make operations efficient and encourage strong team development.

We are aware of the initiative to make companies Carbon Neutral and we are making changes to improve our operational efficiency and enhance customer service whilst introducing processes that are environmentally friendly.

Corporate Responsibility

We believe we have a responsibility for each individual that we place to support our global customer base and therefore it is important to behave in a socially and ethically responsible way. We are a values driven organization. Our core values are honesty, integrity, commitment and delivery.

We have a social responsibility for the people who take part in supporting our customers’ products and services worldwide. We believe that people whose work contributes to our success should not be deprived of their basic human rights, nor be forced to suffer physically or mentally from their work in any way. Penta expects the employers that we work with to respect fundamental human rights and to treat our people fairly and with respect. We do not use illegal workers or employ people against their will. We strive to be compliant in all activities, and obey national and regional statutory requirements in the countries in which our clients and workers are operating.

We recommend that all workers are free to peacefully and lawfully join associations of their own choosing, and have the right to bargain collectively. No worker should be discriminated against because of age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, marital or maternity status, political opinion or ethnic background.

We recommend that all workers with the same experience and qualifications receive equal pay for equal work. We strive to pay promptly according to our contracted terms and signed work timesheets. All workers should know the basic terms and conditions of their employment and have legal support available to them at Penta Consulting Ltd.