DevOps change and engineering resources are in such short supply, that Penta Technology specifically designed a set of services and software to help address the demand gap. ePaaS, one of our Accelerator Tools, is an enhanced Cloud platform with a DevOps ecosystem, deployable using automation in minutes. Designed to protect Official and Official Sensitive data for Government or Personal Sensitive Information (including Banking & Finance) for commercial organizations. You provide the applications and we provide environments, automation and end to end DevOps services.

By providing integrated, preconfigured, automated technology it enables our clients to focus on the business elements of DevOps and crucially the finer details of what is going to make their software, digital products and services unique and valuable.

ePaaS has security, scalability, management and monitoring built in from day one, meaning your new service idea can be tested quickly and at low cost but be automatically productionised for any demand or availability without costly redesign and development.

The bad old days of IT projects taking months and years have gone.

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