Penta Consulting partner with nuMedia to deliver the PRSONAS Digital Humans across the UK and EMEA region

London, UK: Penta Consulting today announces partnership with nuMedia to deliver digital workforce assistant technology to clients across the UK and EMEA

A new partnership between Penta Consulting and nuMedia will enable clients across EMEA to access the award-winning PRSONAS Digital Humans solutions. The technology delivers a wide range of high-value digital workforce use cases from Visitor Management right through to Way Finding, all of which are fully customisable to the client brand and messaging. The solution is now part of the Penta Consulting managed solutions, enabling clients to have a complete end-to-end solution across the EMEA region.

This PRSONAS solution will enhance the user experience across a host of industries, particularly where high footfall traffic is prevalent. The most valuable benefit to users is being able to quickly interact with the PRSONAS device, in any language, enabling the visitor to get the information they want when they need it.

“We are excited to announce this new partnership, which utilises the amazing PRSONAS Virtual Assistant. With this new offering, we can offer our clients the opportunity to enhance their customer experience across their locations, whilst relying on the Penta Consulting team to manage delivery and maintenance. The PRSONAS solution is a great fit for clients with high traffic footfall, such as retail, travel, education, medical and event space.”  says Paul Braham, CEO, Penta Consulting

With this new strategic partnership, nuMedia is excited about the opportunities to deploy the PRSONAS Digital Human solution across a wide range of locations.

“PRSONAS is the most advanced and useable virtual human assistant available. Our clients realize amazing value by the enhancement of customer experience and operational efficiencies across their business. The main value of the solution is that it is just so simple to use, and it requires zero learning time, just walk up, talk to the device and it’ll provide you the information you need.

PRSONAS clients also benefit by deploying their people to more valuable areas. Given the moment we are living through, with personal space being high on the agenda, the PRSONAS can become a fantastic addition to your workforce.” Says Jeremy Spratt, Partner Director at nuMedia

The PRSONAS solution is available to clients across EMEA now, and clients wishing to host a trial of the virtual assistant platform should get in touch today.

For more details contact Luke Dowd at [email protected]


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About PRSONAS™ by nuMedia
nuMedia is the organisation behind the award-winning PRSONAS Digital Workforce solution. The nuMedia team strives to continuously enhance the useability and application of the PRSONAS solution, delivering amazing customer experience solutions for clients across the globe.